Clock Attendance Management

Clock Attendance Management

Packed with essential features to mark attendance at ease!

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Here is a quick overview of the features present in the Clock Attendance Management software:
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GPS Captured Attendance Management

The clock attendance app is built-in with GPS capturing technology. For every employee clocking, his/her accurate GPS Location will be captured instantly in no-time. Every result or location thus mapped will be accurate and easier to track the clock in and clock out time of the employees at ease.

This will be helpful for the management to track the presence and absence of the employees even when they are working from home. Also, this is easy to maintain and displays an exact and precise employee location.

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GPS Lock/GPS Fencing

Our intelligent attendance app can be enabled with GPS Lock/GPS Fencing. Once enabled, the employees are allowed to clock-in/out only at the specified GPS location.

This will assist the management to keep employees within the specified area to perform the assigned tasks without any hassles, if any employee is out of the predetermined location, then those employee’s attendance will not be marked. Our team assists you in case of any instant support and we guide you with the effective usage of Clock.

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Live Location

With the live location feature of clock attendance management software, we can view the real-time location of the employees of an organization accurately in the map. From anywhere and at any time, employers can check the location of the employees.

We can add several organizations and set of employees too with their appropriate location. Live Location is one of the exceptional features of Clock the most advanced attendance management software through which the management can get the attendance of employees on the go.

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API Integration

API only can be purchased and used for integration with your own GUI. With this feature, you can easily customize the attendance management app as per your needs. Some of the organization requires additional features to make the usage of Clock even simpler and so we have introduced API integration.

By using this feature, organizations can integrate API and customize the application according to their necessities. This will assist organizations in marking, tracking and generating attendance reports at ease.

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Comprehensive Reporting

You can easily generate daily, weekly, monthly or yearly attendance reports of your employees and view or share as and when needed to maintain an effective attendance record.

Manually creating attendance reports are complex and there is a chance of mishaps, so with Clock, the latest attendance management software, we can generate automatic attendance reports instantly and also we can share the automatically generated reports with the organizational administrators and colleagues at ease and in no time.

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Auto-Emailer Of Reports And Downloads

Reports can be downloaded easily with the clock attendance management software and it can be sent as mail by scheduling as per your desire. This will ease your report activities. Scheduling and distributing attendance reports in made simpler with Clock.

We can schedule email at the preferred time and share reports instantly. This will not affect your routine and will grant us more time to focus on business growth. Auto-emailer option is also one of the most appreciated features in Clock, the advanced attendance management software.

Why should you prefer Clock Attendance Management Software?

Clock Attendance Management Software Biometric Device
It can mark attendance on the go It is highly expensive to implement and requires regular maintenance
With GPS location tracking feature, we can get the exact location of the employee from time to time It may fall under system parts failure or downtime error
With GPS geofencing feature, we can estimate the particular region for the employees to clock in and clock out It may sometimes create difficulty in scanning
Every employee record is safe with IMEI lock Several devices are required in order to ensure maximum performance
Available on Android to support anywhere any time usage You cannot change the physical traits registered, only password can be changed if required
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