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Smarter Call

IVR call center software & VOIP providers

We are Hosted Business VOIP & IVR service provider that automates your commerce communication system. It’s a 24*7 on the go process service and you can grip all inquiries just by marketing a single number. you don’t need to put up with the charges of incoming IVR calls. It manages all investigations can be done in a way that you never miss a particular lead of your business.

SATHYA Technosoft

Welcome Message

Welcome your client in a skilled way and with attractive Voice IVR, then ask them to go to desire extension as per their necessity it will build a good impression.

SATHYA Technosoft

Call Logs

History of every and each incoming call, received call, and missed call is made accessible in a panel with whole online administration.

SATHYA Technosoft

On-Hold Music

When all executives are in full of activity on other VOIP calls, then call will be mechanically transferred to a gentle and calming on hold music by capture a similar number in reports.

SATHYA Technosoft

Call Recording

Call recording is accessible in control panel which helps you to examine your each day reports as well as for monitoring the excellence of online phone systems for small business.

SATHYA Technosoft

Automated Voice Response System

Automated Voice Response System (AVRS) is a division of hosted IVR solution takes input from customer’s handle according to their requirement and then reply them as per the predefined setting for example settings like Press 1 for sales and press 2 for support.

SATHYA Technosoft

SMS & E-Mail on Hosted IVR

History of every and each incoming call, received call, and missed call will be delivered to your email address and you can also prefer to get email and SMS alerts for the same.

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Getting started with Smarter Call Android

From now on, you'll never miss any of your valid inquiries. Reach domestic and international patrons with a single IVR number. Get regular alerts of calls and messages with holistic customer details, and connect with them in no time.

Begin establishing better support service to your clients and build your business tremendously!

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SATHYA Technosoft

Additional Features on IVR Services

Experience simplified commercial communications and keep clients engaged!

To make your business communication process even simpler with our efficient smarter call application, we have incorporated some of the additional features that will certainly assist you. Want to know more about the beneficial features, read through and get more ideas. We strive to make our customers satisfied and comfortable with all the products and services that we offer.

SATHYA Technosoft

Missed Call Alerts Service

Easiest ways to inspire targets and produce leads. Instead of asking likely consumers to call you, simply ask them to give a missed call.

The missed call service mechanically disconnects their call and history of each and every free VOIP callings will be accessible in a panel with total online administration while you obtain details of their number to your email address.

Call Forwarding

You can surely use our tools to set up call forward whenever you are offline, busy or not answering so that VOIP calls pending into your phone number are forwarded to another device.

SATHYA Technosoft

Voice Blasting System

Voice blasting system is an automated outbound voice messaging service that delivers pre-recorded voice messages to an entire contact list or a segmented list of your choice. It is a simple communications technology that blasts a recorded voice message to thousands of call recipients in a very short period of time. This communication technique of bulk voice calls has the advantage of most penetrative reach and personalized messages.

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SATHYA Technosoft

SMS Storage & Forwarding

Your customer inquiries and complaints via SMS will automatically get stored in our database and forwarded to your e-mail address.

SATHYA Technosoft

API Configuration

We additionally provide API codes to integrate our IVR Service with your existing or new CRM Solution. Using Smarter Call API, take advantage of your existing web development skills to build telephony apps.

SATHYA Technosoft

Data Security

Designed with tough security features built in, our Hosted IVR Platform ensures that your private voice data is kept secure at all times.

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