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It’s Robeeta!

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Through Robeeta, employers can analyze and assign tasks and sale lead to employees at ease without stuffing them with too many projects in order to get works done on-time and assure customer satisfaction.

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Here you can comment on each of the tasks and sales to ensure simpler tasks and sales follow-up. Also, you can communicate and discuss with the team members which in turn ensure on-time project completion.

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With Robeeta, you can monitor and track the status of every project and estimate the capacity and efficiency of your employees and assign tasks and sale leads accordingly to elevate their level of progression.

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Data Storage

Put any form of data like documents, files, images, PDF, CCTV footages and more easily into the Cloud and access those files in a stress-free manner from anywhere at any time with prompt access permission.

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Log Activities

To ensure security throughout the organization, we can hold a history of walk-ins and outs apart from employees; also we can schedule calls and meetings with the customers instantly and get engaged.

What can Robeeta offer?

Robeeta has a lot to offer an organization with which administrators can reap a fruitful business.
SATHYA Technosoft

Task Module

Through Robeeta, employees can assign a task to their colleagues with detailed task notes, due date, priority preference, and reference documents in just a click.

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Sales Module

It makes it simpler for the marketing executives to follow sale leads assigned and reach customers without missing any particular assigned lead to ensure maximum revenue.

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Payroll Management

Avoid last-minute hassles in managing and maintaining the employee's payroll and leave records, make it simpler and ensure that your employees receive their salary on-time every time with a detailed payslip.

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Visitor's Log

We can maintain each Visitors check-in and check-out time with the entry and exit pass details. We can also save visitor's details with their ID proof for future reference. Robeeta can also store vehicle entry and exit details.

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Maintaining the business files with maximum security is the heart of everything we perform, to ensure this, through Robeeta, you can easily load credential files to the cloud and access as and when required with concern access permission.

SATHYA Technosoft

Who Can Use Robeeta?

It’s scalable and accepts any number of users within an organization!

Every employee of an organization can be given an individual login credential to track, monitor and master their organizational activities at ease.

The administrators can set access permission to team heads, project manager and other higher officials as per their organizational necessities.

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